Citizen Lobby Day on Capitol Hill

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MONDAY, JUNE 25th, 8AM TO 5:30PM

28th Amendment Citizen Lobby Day on Capitol Hill


After a weekend of inspiration, organizing and citizen training, join us as we form up teams to meet with our Members of Congress on Capitol Hill to build support for our Constitutional amendment to stop the big money corruption of our political system and put we the people back in charge! 

It’s time to make sure our elected officials know who they represent: We The People. We won’t be anonymously flooding their emails or secretively funneling our requests to them through offshore backchannels. No, we’ll be at their office door, prepared and professional, to discuss the real-world problem of money in politics which affects every single American and our future. 

Never done this before? No worries, you’re not alone. American Promise will be bringing us together in groups organized by our Congressional district, and provide training and preparation throughout the Conference. 

Click here to download our Citizen Lobby Day training material.

Let’s do it. 


For further information please contact our Lobby Day coordinators:
Azor Cole |  
Wambui Gatheru |

There is no charge to attend Citizen Lobby Day.


Power Up. Together.