Leadership Awards

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Citizen Leader awards celebrate ordinary Americans who, through their decision to step up and lead, are lifting up their communities and the people in their states to win permanent, fundamental reforms and a better future for America.



2018 | NCLC Congressional Leadership Awards

Senator Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming, 1979-1997)
Senator Tom Udall (D-New Mexico)
Senator John McCain (R-Arizona)
Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana)

2018 | NCLC Citizen Leadership Awards

Vicki Barnes, St. Paul Minnesota
Wyoming Promise, Ken Chestek, Lynn Horton Morrison, Rod Morrison
Ellen Greene Bush, Port Clinton, Ohio APA
George Penn, Wisconsin United to Amend
Jenny Potashnick, St. Louis, Missouri APA
People Govern, Not Money, Nancy Heselton and Kim Wass, Massachusetts


2016 | NCLC Congressional Leadership Awards

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Maryland)

Rep. James Leach (R-Iowa)

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Massachusetts)

Rep. Walter Jones (R-North Carolina)

2016 | NCLC Citizen Leadership Awards

Olivia Zink, Open Democracy/NH Rebellion - Franklin, NH

Mike Dean, Kansas City Region APA

Rae Claire Johnson, Tampa Bay APA

Michele Sutter, Money Out Voters In - Venice, CA

Holly Mosher, Producer, Pay To Play - Los Angeles, CA

Cindy Black, Fix Democracy First/W Amend

Ella McGrail, Citizen Leader, Portsmouth, NH

Judith Wells-Walberg, Santa Clara County Move to Amend

Larry Scarff, Burlington APA   

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