It’s On.



It’s on. Americans are rising together to end the domination of big money and corrupting concentrated power in our political system. We’re saying enough is enough, and taking on the challenge to win big, generational reform and renewal for our nation and people. Unless we come together to do this, we cannot solve the climate catastrophe, the opioid crisis, crushing debt, toxic division and dysfunction, violence, and an economy that threatens to leave a new generation and most Americans behind.

Now is the time to come to American Promise’s third National Citizen Leadership Conference. Help make history with the drive to win the next amendment to the U.S. Constitution to put power in the hands of all Americans instead of a powerful donor class of plutocrats.

At the NCLC, you’ll join inspiring fellow Americans and the most effective reform organizations and campaigns, who are rapidly moving forward the 28th Amendment and a host of other big, structural reforms at the local, state and national level.

You'll be inspired, engaged and empowered. You’ll connect with Americans from all 50 states who want to seize the opportunity for once-in-a-generation structural reforms when we need them most. Whether you’re a business person or a student, a faith leader or a farmer, a philanthropist or a political leader, Independent, Republican or Democrat, or simply trying to make a better America for you, your family and your community, join us October 19-21 in Arlington and Washington, D.C., to inspire and be inspired, connect and network, share and develop concrete action plans, and then take our movement straight to Congress with the second annual Citizen Lobby Day on Capitol Hill.

It’s on. The time for bold action and systemic change is now. Join us!



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“Big Money in politics affects every single issue—no matter what side of the aisle you’re on. Every issue can be traced back to this one, so we’ve got to get at the root of the problem.”

- 2018 Conference Attendee


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Are you ready to change the system? The time is now. Climate change, healthcare, affordable education, student loans, gun violence—none of the problems Americans face every day will be fixed until we end the dominance of big money and special interests in our political system and create an America that works for ALL, not just the few.

Join Americans from all 50 states as we gather in Washington to take on the cause of our time: Passing the 28th Amendment to put an end to big money’s dominance in politics. Come share your point of view and be inspired by amazing speakers and workshops led by members of Congress, youth leaders, business leaders, plus hands-on citizen training. We will learn how to start and build locally, move our states into the win column, be effective as citizen leaders, work across partisan divides, and build strength together in our communities and across the nation.

This is not a drill. It’s on.

Immediately following the Conference on Monday, October 21st, our movement goes straight to Capitol Hill. We’ll help coordinate impactful, meaningful meetings with your representatives, to make your voice heard, in person, to the people who will help us pass the 28th Amendment and make history. Make your voice count. It’s on!

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