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In the face of toxic political divisiveness and pay-to-play government, American Promise brings together and empowers Americans of widely varying political viewpoints with a common goal - eliminating the corrupting influence of super PAC and special interest money in politics and securing our rights as equal citizens. Nationwide, we are rising to the challenge, building an unstoppable network and movement, locally and nationally, to pass and ratify a powerful amendment to United States Constitution so that people, not money govern America.

Join us at the National Citizen Leadership Conference (NCLC) to see how we can achieve this urgent, historic reform. Come away empowered, knowing that together, we can amplify our message in communities, statehouses and Congress. It’s time take on super PACs and special interests to get money out of politics by passing the 28th Amendment.

The National Citizen Leadership Conference is where and how we crank this historic movement up. The NCLC is for every American. We’ll celebrate amazing victories and citizen leaders. We’ll share and learn how to effectively take action together and in our communities. We’ll learn from experts, and from each other. We’ll build powerful connections with elected officials, candidates, national leaders, the media, and our fellow citizen leaders. We’ll have fun, too! And we will take our voice and citizen power straight to Congress with an organized Lobby Day before we leave Washington!



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I feel hope and feel like I know what to do
for the first time in a long time.


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You don’t want to miss this. Be among the 500 Americans from all 50 states coming to Washington for inspiration and action. Come learn, participate and be inspired by speakers and workshops led by members of Congress, new national leaders, business, faith, and civic leaders, and a rich program of citizen training and networking, music and the arts. We will recognize and celebrate leaders in the 28th Amendment movement with presentations of the coveted Congressional and Citizen Leadership Awards. We will learn how to start and build locally, move our states into the win column, be effective as citizen leaders, working across partisan divides, and connect with each other in our communities and across the nation for more power. 

This is not a drill. Immediately following the Conference on Monday, June 25, American Promise is hosting the first annual 28th Amendment Citizen Lobby Day! If you choose, you can be among the trained and supported citizen leaders who will go to Capitol Hill to meet with your member of Congress to make your voice heard. 

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